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  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

    The swimming pool, located in the hotel, is surrounded by magnificent landscape, where the sky and water merge at the horizon. When placing yourself in it, you will feel as if swam in the bl...[Details]

  • Children’s Playground

    It is children’s instinct to have fan and be active. Children’s favorite hobby is to play various kinds of games with peers, and game is part of life of children in the kindergarten. For c...[Details]

  • Foot-type Billiards

    It is a new type sport and recreational item which is based on the form of billiards and integrates football rules into it. It allows many people to stand on the extremely large billiard t...[Details]

  • Billiards Room

    Billiards is one elegant indoor physical sport widely popular in the world. It is an indoor recreational sporting event using a ball arm to hit billiard ball and depending on scores to determine the r...[Details]

  • Room Escape

     It brings you a different experience that you cannot get from other games! Breaking the limitation and constraint of PC games, it shows the original essence of room escape, where the player is a...[Details]

  • Outdoor Rock Climbing

    A large-scale professional rock climbing gym is available here. Pattern and area of the gym rank top in Guangdong and even in China. [Details]

  • Archery Club

      It provides services of leisure and body-building, recreation and get-together and professional teaching related to archery; the stadium has delicate and abundant layout,...[Details]

  • Gym

    The fitness club embracing 270° panoramic view of natural scenery owns comfortable bodybuilding environment. Rural heart-nourishing breath passes through every successful person passionate ...[Details]

  • SPA

      Have a rest here, privately enjoy the tranquility and comfort, temporarily bid farewell to hurried urban rhythm, awaken energy of life with merry trip of the sense organs and relax your ...[Details]

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